Frequently Asked questions

Welcome to Repertoire Culinaire

View the video below for a brief overview of the site, placing orders, creating order templates accessing invoices and more. 


     1) Go on our website

     2) Login

     3) Browse products and add products into your cart. You can also go to My account > Past Orders > Past Orders to place a repeat order. 

     4) Validate your order

How do I save my order as a template?

To make your life easier, we recommend saving an order template. This will allow you to load your baseline order quickly into your cart in a few of clicks.

1) Add items to your cart.

2) Go to My Account > New Order

3) On the right side of the screen click Save as Template, name the template and click Save

4) Next time you wish to load your template you can access through My Account > New Order > Load Template

Note * Templates can be modified after loading, you can delete or add new items to your order. These will not be saved as apart of template

Note * You can save multiple templates.


Create your account in one click!

Easy to have, and easy to use.

     1) Go on our website Home Page.

     2) Click on “Create my Account” and fill the form.

     3) Wait for the phone/ email of our Sales Team for finalizing the creation of your account.

Once your account is created, you can log in and start ordering.

We do recommend saving you logins to have faster utilisation.

As this is not an app, you will need to create a shortcut to our website on the home page of your smartphone.


Contact our Sales Teams and give there more details about your needs. They will offer you the best tailor-made offer to best meet your request. 


You want to be updated of all news deals, products, arrivals etc.

Subscribe to our Newsletter!

     1) Visit our website

     2) Go to the bottom of our website and enter your email address in the Newsletter section.

How do I find more about my purchase history, deliveries, invoices etc?

     1) Go on our website

     2) Login

     3) Click on the Account picto top-right of our website

     4) Click on my Account

     5) See on the left side your customer Dashboard

You need more details, please contact our Sales Teams. 

How do I find more about my order delivery status?

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Our Sales Team will keep you inform of the delivery status of your order.

Depending the type of delivery selected, you will receive a tracking number to follow your delivery.

You need more details, please contact our Sales Teams.

How do I create a shortcut on my Smart phone desktop?

To make your life easier, we do hardly recommend creating a shortcut on your Smart phone home page.

     1) Visit our website

     2) Click the three-dot icon or three bars in the top-right or bottom-right corner of your browser window.

     3) Then go to More tools or add page to

     4) Select Create shortcut or Home Screen

     5) Finally, name your shortcut Repertoire Culinaire and click Create.

How do I report an issue?

Products damage/wrong products: 

      Please contact us.

      For damaged products, we will need visuals and descriptions to proceed with your complaints.

Delivery issues:

      Please contact us.